Each of the ten episodes of The Little Buzzers is a standalone adventure, meaning viewers can jump in at any point and still enjoy the series. However, watching them in order allows one to see the progression of the characters and the development of the storylines. Despite being a series of short cartoons, The Little Buzzers manages to create a rich and entertaining world that continues to captivate audiences even after years since its first appearance.

Below is a full list of all ten The Little Buzzers Episodes.

The Little Buzzers Episodes

The Little Buzzers Episode 1, Random Jibberish!: Witness the arbitrary humor and synthesized vocals that ARE the little buzzers.

The Little Buzzers Episode 2, New Stereo: The Little Buzzers get a radio and explain the physics of air vs. solids. A rave ensues.

The Little Buzzers Episode 3, Musical Buzzers: The Little Buzzers discuss their love for electronic music, then, they make their own.

The Little Buzzers Episode 4, Lady Bass Concert: The Little Buzzers and a record deal in the conclusion of this three part special.

The Little Buzzers Episode 5, Poison!: The Little Buzzers sit down to enjoy some lunch, but there is treachery afoot.

The Little Buzzers Episode 6, Time Flies: Duncan and Greevil find a TV and watch an Episode of Time Flies. Also, Dr. Kill-Kill has a

The Little Buzzers Episode 7, The Sedrick Show: Green and evil buzzers try to capitalize on Sedrick’s success as a host.

The Little Buzzers Episode 8, Scare-mas: The Buzzers show off their scare-mas costumes. Hilarity ensues.

The Little Buzzers Episode 9, Present Day: Its Present Day with The Little Buzzers!

The Little Buzzers Episode 10, I Am Robot: More like: Hide and go BEEP!

By Evelyn Barrett

Welcome to “Little Buzzers,” your gateway to the enchanting world of anime and the delightful cartoon series, “Little Buzzers.” I’m Evelyn Barrett, and I’m thrilled to have you here as we embark on a journey through the realms of animated wonder.