The Little Buzzers

Welcome to the zany world of “Little Buzzers,” the brainchild of the internet sensation, Thomas Ridgewell, affectionately known as TomSka! This animated web series, which took the mid-2000s online culture by storm, was a whirlwind adventure into the quirky, relatable, and downright hilarious side of computer and internet culture.

Picture this: In 2005, a bunch of tiny, pixelated sprites named Duncan, Sedrick and Greevil took the online world by storm. They were the “Little Buzzers,” and their unique talent was speaking solely in buzzes. These characters embarked on surreal escapades, turning their pixelated existence into a whirlwind of comic misadventures. See all the episodes listed here


  1. Random Jibberish!
  2. New Stereo
  3. Musical Buzzers
  4. Lady Bass Concert
  5. Poison
  6. Time Flies
  7. The Sedrick Show
  8. Scare-mas
  9. Present Day
  10. i am a robot


Little Buzzers Duncan

Meet Duncan, the chubby, purple buzzer with a heart of gold. Sure, he might not be the sharpest tool in the digital shed, but his optimism is positively infectious. Duncan’s best buddy is Sedrick, a yellow buzzer with a knack for sarcasm and intellect that’s off the charts. While Duncan warms up to newcomers like Greevil in a heartbeat, Sedrick, on the other hand, remains suspicious, always on the lookout for sinister plots.

Duncan, the endearingly plump, purple buzzer with a voice as deep as a digital canyon. He may not have the sharpest circuits in the virtual world, often sporting an air of innocence and naivety, but his heart glows with positivity and kindness.

Duncan and Sedrick, two peas in a pixelated pod, have been bosom buddies for as long as the digital archives can remember. Duncan, the eternal optimist, leans on Sedrick’s wit and wisdom in their pixelated escapades.

Now, let’s rewind to the moment Duncan first laid eyes on Greevil. It was a scene right out of a virtual thriller; Duncan’s circuits quivered with fear at the sight of Greevil’s appearance. But, in a twist of fate, Duncan soon discovered that beneath Greevil’s devilish exterior lay a heart of gold. The cuteness factor of Greevil quickly melted Duncan’s digital heart, and before you knew it, they were fast friends, embarking on pixelated adventures that would go down in the annals of web history.


Little Buzzers Sedrick

Behold, Sedrick, the buzzing brainiac of our pixelated trio! Picture him as a sizzling bolt of yellow lightning among his comrades. While Duncan, our jolly purple buzzer, may not be the sharpest tool in the virtual shed, Sedrick’s brilliance radiates through his high-pitched buzz.

Sedrick, my friends, is a skeptic extraordinaire. He gazes upon Greevil’s charming facade with an arched eyebrow, ever suspicious of sinister plots lurking in the pixelated shadows. It’s as if he took a page right out of the Blackadder’s playbook, blending intellect and sarcasm into a potent cocktail of wit. Yet, here’s the catch – nobody else quite gets his genius. It’s like casting pearls before swine; his sharp quips often fall on deaf digital ears.

But Sedrick, ever the entertainer, once ventured into the realm of showmanship. He hatched a plan to amuse both Duncan and Greevil, fashioning a spectacle that would dazzle the virtual world. Yet, what happened next was a twist worthy of a pixelated Shakespearean tragedy. Greevil, that mischievous green rascal, stole the limelight, claimed the credit, and turned a profit. Sedrick’s talents, it seemed, were destined for obscurity in the shadow of Greevil’s mischief.

So there you have it, Sedrick, our cunning and misunderstood buzzmaster, forever caught in the whirlwind of his own wit, as he navigates the unpredictable digital terrain alongside his eclectic companions.


Little Buzzers Greevil

Ah, Greevil, the green buzzer with a mischievous streak. When he first popped into the scene, Sedrick and Duncan were spooked out of their circuits. Yet, that cute wink of his quickly won over Duncan’s heart. Sedrick, though, remained unconvinced and dubbed him “Greevil,” a name that cleverly combined his green appearance with an element of devilishness. As time went on, Greevil became an integral part of the trio, charming Duncan and driving Sedrick up the digital wall.

Imagine a sudden, unexpected appearance in the very first episode, a green buzzer materializing out of the digital ether. Sedrick and Duncan? Well, they were frightened out of their virtual wits! This mysterious intruder sent shivers down their circuits.

But hold on to your virtual hats because here comes the twist! In a surprising turn of events, Duncan’s fear melted away faster than pixels in the sun. What caused this miraculous change of heart? A cute, knowing wink from Greevil did the trick. Duncan, the eternal optimist, couldn’t resist the allure of Greevil’s green charm, and before you could say “byte,” they became fast friends.

Sedrick, however, remained the digital detective, ever cautious and skeptical. They had their doubts about Greevil’s true intentions. As a result, they decided to dub this mysterious green figure “Greevil.” Why, you ask? Well, it was a clever fusion of “green” and “evil,” a fitting moniker for this enigmatic character.

As the series unfolded, Greevil became an integral part of the trio, cementing his status as one of the three main characters. He and Duncan formed a dynamic duo, while Sedrick found himself grappling with the occasional annoyance stemming from Greevil’s childlike antics.

But here’s where things get really interesting. Beneath Greevil’s cute and childish exterior lurked a darker side. Yes, you read that right! At times, he’d unleash a menacing streak, stirring up trouble by brewing mysterious concoctions, occasionally targeting Sedrick’s food supply. It was like a pixelated rollercoaster ride, with Greevil keeping everyone guessing.

With his petite frame, resembling a waterdrop-formed head, and the highest-pitched buzz among the buzzers, Greevil was a character of contrasts. He kept the virtual world on its toes, never quite revealing all his secrets, and proving that in the pixelated realm, appearances can indeed be deceiving.

Doctor Kill-Kill/Mr. Murder

Little Buzzers Mr Murder

Enter the enigmatic Mr. Kill-Kill, also known as Mr. Murder. This mysterious figure made a grand entrance in episode 4, when the Little Buzzers were just buzzing along. Mr. Kill-Kill proposed a record deal that was too good to refuse. Sedrick’s suspicion was on red alert, but the trio ended up in the studio, recording tunes and striking a deal. Mr. Murder, with his deep, growling buzz and piles of cash, was all about making profit, and he had a knack for getting what he wanted.

Mr. Kill-Kill, also known as the enigmatic Mr. Murder, a character whose ominous presence was first hinted at the tail end of episode 3 in “The Little Buzzers.” However, it was in episode 4 that he truly took center stage.

Imagine this: Our trio was immersed in their buzzing symphony when out of the digital ether, Mr. Kill-Kill emerged, beckoning them to follow him. In a cryptic twist, he divulged his grand plan—to craft a record contract and manage their buzzing talents. Now, while Sedrick was the skeptical sentinel, questioning the authenticity of this self-proclaimed Mr. Kill-Kill, the enigmatic figure persisted. He even presented them with a contract bearing the signatures of “Yellow,” “Purple,” and “Green,” claiming they had already inked the deal.

Soon, the scene shifted to a recording studio, where our buzzers were laying down tracks that would reverberate through the virtual world. But that wasn’t the end of it. In a thrilling twist, the trio confronted Mr. Kill-Kill, who was ensconced in his office amid piles of digital riches, possibly reaped from their musical endeavors. He then handed them tickets to a concert featuring the electrifying Lady Bass, and the trio seemed content with this unexpected turn of events.

Mr. Murder, alias Mr. Kill-Kill, is a figure of intimidation, shrouded in an unsettling aura. His deep, growling buzz is enough to send shivers down digital spines. As wealthy as a digital mogul, he’s a master of striking deals that yield profit, a digital puppeteer pulling strings in pursuit of his own gains. In this virtual world of pixels and bytes, Mr. Kill-Kill’s shadowy presence adds a layer of intrigue and suspense that keeps us all buzzing with anticipation.

Lady Bass

Little Buzzers Lady Bass

In episode 4, we also met Lady Bass, the lone female buzzer in the series. She was the ultimate DJ sensation, throwing epic rave parties that had the whole pixelated world grooving. Our trio, Duncan, Sedrick, and Greevil, had a blast hanging out with her at one of her electrifying events.

The captivating LadyBass, a character who made her debut in the electrifying episode 4 of “The Little Buzzers.” She stands as the sole, unmistakable female buzzer in the entire show.

Picture this: LadyBass, a prominent DJ in the virtual realm, commands the digital stage with unparalleled finesse. Her name is synonymous with rave concerts that ignite the digital landscape, drawing fans from every pixel and byte. Her success is nothing short of legendary.

In this remarkable episode, we find LadyBass immersed in the throes of a pulsating rave party, her magnetic presence lighting up the virtual night. She’s joined by our trio of heroes—Duncan, Sedrick, and Greevil—and together, they dance to the beats of her entrancing music. It’s a moment of sheer digital euphoria, a testament to LadyBass’s infectious charisma that leaves a lasting impression on our pixelated protagonists.

A robot

Little Buzzers A Robot

And finally, in the latest episode, number 10, a new character joined the fray: a slow-moving, robotic wonder. This mechanical marvel played a quirky game of “Hide and Seek” with Duncan, but its leisurely pace and loud mechanical noises made it a surprisingly tricky opponent to locate.

So there you have it, the wild and wacky world of “Little Buzzers,” where computer icons come to life in pixelated hilarity, and where the buzz of laughter is the only language they speak!

By Evelyn Barrett

Welcome to “Little Buzzers,” your gateway to the enchanting world of anime and the delightful cartoon series, “Little Buzzers.” I’m Evelyn Barrett, and I’m thrilled to have you here as we embark on a journey through the realms of animated wonder.